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Buffy: Something Blue/Hero

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First, I’m sorry guys, I need to apologize for you being able to hear every car that drove by. My mic sensitivity was way too high.
Second, I really liked this Buffy episode, not only because it was fun, lighthearted, and interesting, but also because I was right, Willow is headed down a dark path if she doesn’t correct herself, and she doesn’t seem disciplined enough to really control her witchcraft. I think this could be real trouble down the road.
Also I don’t know how I feel about Spike, weakened as he is, becoming buddy-buddy with the scooby gang. It seems like that is where the show is going, but I prefer him as an antagonist.
As for Angel . . . everything about this was wrong. Angel bitching about his sacrifices, the poorly-shot scenes, trying to give us some reason to care about Doyle. Also the dramatic TV death cinematography of the 90s has not aged well.
Glad to see him gone, though.
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