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Buffy: The “I” in Team/She

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Yay! Some good episodes! Good pick-me-up from last week’s fustercluck.
Angel meets a few demons from another dimension, one that has super creepy, abusive gender norms. But Bai Ling really sells it, even though the put some latex titties on and a window to view them. Could do without the hornyness making women explode, though.
Shit blows up at the Initiative, too. Dr. Walsh decides Buffy is too risky (because you don’t know how to effectively allocate and use your assets, dumbass) and tries to sabotage her and get her killed. Also she doesn’t do something simple like send Riley on a rescue mission. I’m super disappointed in this arc. Also Spike gets darted and Anyanka doesn’t know how to play cards.
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