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Buffy: Where the Wild Things are/Five by Five

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Hey there listeners, sorry I’m late with this one.
In Sunnydale, we have the orgasm house, and Mrs. Landingham is the bay guy. Didn’t see that one coming. Bitches & I pontificate on the utility of an orgasm spot on the wall, and what that would do to dating. Also, the right pairing is Anyanka and Spike.
As for Angel, Faith shows up, and after some bullshit trying to “contain” her, with Wesley rightfully not trusting her. Wolfram & Hart are trying to tie up their loose end in Faith, but they are thwarted of course- really, W&H is my favorite character in this series.
And Faith turns herself in. So it’s pretty obvious at this point that Faith is going to go on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately come back as a good guy. Which I’m not a fan of, I much prefer wild card, chaotic neutral Faith.

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