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The Constant – 2.23/2.24 Live Together, Die Alone

The Constant – 2.23:2.24 Live Together Die Alone

Ooh, Desmond is back! And we learn about his time pushing the button. There’s a statue of a foot with four toes. Michael and Waaaaaaaaaaaalt get on a boat and vamoose the fuck off The Island. Locke and Eko battle over their existential crises and Desmond initiates the failsafe. Everything shakes. The sky goes white, and purple. There’s a loud noise. The Hatch blissfully blows up. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are taken captive by The Others. “Henry Gale” is indeed their leader. Some Portuguese-speaking men on a boat somewhere in a cold climate notice an electromagnetic anomaly and make a phone call. To Penny. Desmond’s Penny.
Listen as we discuss all this excitement with guest host Maggie! And come back next week when we start Season 3!
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