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The Constant – 3.07 Not In Portland

The Constant – 3.07 Not In Portland

We are joined by Unspoiled Twin Peaks co-host Maggie to discuss Juliet… and to gush about Richard Alpert. He’s really pretty, guys.
Juliet and Jack are both frustrating in this episode because they could have just let Ben die and I don’t know…take over themselves? We’ll never know because Ben strikes a deal with Juliet that she seems to think he’ll keep, and convinces Jack to complete the surgery in exchange for letting Kate and Sawyer go.
Kate and Sawyer, meanwhile, are helped by Alex, who ropes them in to saving her boyfriend from the brainwashing unit, and they get on a boat and head back to their island.
We pose a question of whether there is a more manipulative character in all of television, movies, or books than Ben Linus. Please let us know if you can think of one, because we couldn’t.

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