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The Dark Tower, Book 5: Wolves Of The Calla- Part 3, Chapters 3 & 4

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The Dark Tower, Book 5- Wolves Of The Calla, Part 3- Chapters 3 & 4.mp3

Listeners, Miles and I are here this week with 2 chapters, to make up for the fact that he’s on vacation next week and I’m on vacation the week after that, so there won’t be another episode for 2 weeks. I hope you don’t miss us too much, but if you live in the US I hope you have an awesome holiday!

In these chapters, Father Callahan goes back to NYC, and it’s a touching moment because it has been so long for him since he’s been home. I really liked the moment when he and a hippy commiserate over the beauty of the rose, only there’s no rose to be seen anywhere, because it just felt really human. And his job is to get the zipcode for the location of Calvin Tower’s hideout, and he manages to not only get the zipcode but find out exactly where that code leads, so good on you, father.

Meanwhile, there’s a pretty huge discovery on Jake’s part when he sneaks out to where Andy and Ben Slightman were spotted returning from, and he discovers a huge high-tech headquarters that is apparently abandoned except for one series of cameras and control panels. He hides and hears a whole transmission as Ben files his report, and it’s a huge bummer because he basically now has to turn his best friend’s dad in for being a traitor. Also, Andy is a fucking bastard WHICH WE ALREADY KNEW BUT I GUESS NOBODY IN THE CALLA DID SO WHATEVER.


Hope you enjoy the episode, and I will see you in a couple weeks!


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