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The Dresden Files, Book 4: Summer Knight- Chapters 25, 26, & 27

Queens of Winter
by Armesan

The Dresden Files, Book 4- Summer Knight- 25, 26, & 27

Hey listeners! RoShawn and I are back with the chapters where Harry finally begins to really put the pieces together in a real way, but by the time he does it’s too late. It turns out that Elaine wasn’t someone he could depend on, the whole thing was a setup, and the awesome gift he got from Mother Winter gets plucked right out from between his helpless fingers.

I’m super excited by how thrilled RoShawn is by this turn of events. She’s really interested in the Mothers, and she’s not sure that she believes that the little hut they live in is actually there and not just a construct of Harry’s limited mind. The idea that their natures are immutably tied to what Summer and Winter are, and that they have a ton of power that is nevertheless limited in many ways, is kind of fascinating to her and she wants to know more about those boundaries.

But Aurora gets the drop on Harry and he wakes up in a faerie circle, then gets grilled by her. He tries to resist but it turns out that she can just drop right the fuck into his head and read his thoughts, and she’s reassured by the fact that Harry put the facts together himself and wasn’t clued in by Elaine. Elaine, meanwhile, is not thrilled with this turn of events, but she’s also resigned to the fact that someone is destined to die, and she’s gonna make sure it isn’t her.

Hope you enjoy the coverage, and I will see you soon!


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