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The Dresden Files, Book 4: Summer Knight- Chapters 4, 5, & 6

The Dresden Files, Book 4- Summer Knight, Chapters 4, 5, & 6

Hey listeners! It was a saga to get the book initially, but now we’re finally getting into it and I cannot wait for some of the bananas shit that’s coming up. I am really excited to finally be getting into the section of the story where we meet a BUNCH of important characters at once, and there are a couple more coming up in the next section that I’m going to be really interested to get RoShawn’s take on.

In this section, Harry goes to the meeting of the White Council, where everyone is super mad that Harry has started a fucking war and there are tons of casualties already. The Merlin is actually considering handing Harry over to the Red Court until everyone freaks out at them setting a precedent where they just give up their own to the enemy, and then he tries to take away Harry’s White Council status.

Here we meet Ebenezar McCoy, Martha Liberty, Listens To Wind, and the Gatekeeper. We find out that Harry was McCoy’s apprentice, and rather than focusing exclusively on magic the way that Justin did, Ebenezar’s main focus was doing a lot of hard work on the farm. And it turns out he still has Harry’s back, because he manages to thwart the Merlin’s attempts to fuck Harry over…but he does warn Harry that there’s going to be a third attempt and that Harry will have to fend for himself on that one. Wonder what that’s going to look like!

Thanks so much for listening, and see you soon with another episode of Justified. 


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