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Harry Potter Recap #7

Patronus Hermione
by IriusAbellatrix

Harry Potter Supercut #7


Hey listeners, and welcome to the seventh episode of the Harry Potter recaps! Of course we’re going to be listening to the next Supercut today (submitted by the fantastic god among men Austin Lacey), but RoShawn and I answer some more questions from the audience, too, and there are some pretty interesting ones that provoke a lot of discussion about what Voldemort’s reign of terror must have looked like to adjoining countries.

Also we wonder aloud whether the crew ever went back to Hogwarts and finished their educations, and if they did, what was the graduation ceremony like? Turns out JK has answered this one in her interviews, but I had never heard about it so perhaps you haven’t, either?

I really hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane where RoShawn once again gets everything right, and where Hagrid has a giant baby.

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