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Harry Potter Recap #8

Harry Potter Recap #8

Hi, listeners! Forgive how long it was between episodes; Roshawn had a conflict the week before so this is the first episode we’ve gotten to record since then. We should be back on schedule next week though!

This episode RoShawn and I play it pretty fast and loose, not focusing on anything in particular other than catching up since we had to miss last week. We happened to have a longer Supercut this time around, so that wound up working out pretty well, and there are some really great moments in this one that I had forgotten about, like Money yelling at me for letting him talk about Dumbledore and Snape getting it on when I knew one was about to kill the other. Teehee.

Then there is some discussion about literature and the nature of critique when you’re someone who studied literature in a real way, versus someone like me who only knows what I like and is usually more concerned with character development and psychology than I am about structure and whatnot. I had heard a pretty harsh critique of the final 3 books in the series on a podcast recently and needed to vent, or at least try to understand where the person was coming from. What are your opinions on this?

Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you next week!

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