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Harry Potter Reread: Chamber Of Secrets, Chapters 13 & 14

From the illustrated edition, by Jim Kay http://amzn.to/2vXIHn2

Harry Potter Reread, Chamber Of Secrets- Chapters 13 & 14

Hi there, listeners! It’s time for the next episode of Harry Potter, and we’re getting into the climax of the book now, because Hermione is petrified.

There are some things that I remember wanting to bring up to RoShawn when we were reading this the first time, but without the future information on Tom Riddle’s career in school and his interviews after, it was impossible to bring anything up until way later.

So the question is, why would they be keeping Tom Riddle’s “Special Services” award and whatnot on the shelves in the school? I mean, I know why, it’s because they’re necessary to further the plot. And that’s fine. But I guess I’m laughing at the fact that nobody seems to have mentioned this as being kind of odd before.

If you’re interested in watching the video of the unboxing that is cut into the end of the episode, you can find it here!

And as usual, you can order this illustrated edition from Amazon right here and support the show, or pre-order the illustrated Azkaban book, which will be out in one month, right here! Thanks so much for listening, and we will see you next week!

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