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Harry Potter Reread: Prisoner Of Azkaban- Chapters 12 & 13

Harry Potter Reread- Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chapters 12 & 13

Listeners! I can’t find proper attribution for the above image, which is not from the illustrated edition (incidentally, the illustrated edition can be ordered here) but which I found to be so beautiful that I had to use it. If you know who illustrated it, please let me know so that I can give them credit on it. Isn’t it haunting, though? I just love it.

So these chapters are the ones where Harry is practicing his Patronus and it’s not really going super great. I mean, he’s gotten a little further than Lupin actually expected him to because this is a really difficult spell, but it’s still barely enough to keep the fauxmentor away (fauxmentor is what I just now decided to call the fake boggart-dementor) and he has to expend a ton of energy for it. It’s better than nothing, though, and when Oliver Wood expresses some concern about Harry’s safety in the upcoming Quidditch match, Harry reports breezily that there’s nothing to worry about and he has it all under control.

Meanwhile, this section also contains the chapter where Scabbers fakes his own death, and Hermione and Ron stop talking to each other. I really enjoy the ongoing descriptions of how Hermione is starting to lose it because of all the work she’s doing. And she’s got so much other shit to worry about that when Ron blows up at her about Crookshanks, she’s basically like, “Fine, be mad, I’m too busy being superhuman to worry about your dumb rat” and then she intermittently bursts into tears. I know that feel.

Hope you’re enjoying the reread so far, and I love you all. Don’t forget to check out AccioBox.com and use code UNSPOILED for 10% off! See you next week!


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