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Harry Potter Reread: Prisoner Of Azkaban- Chapters 16 & 17

An illustration from the illustrated edition of Prisoner Of Azkaban, which you can order here! http://amzn.to/2BpJkda

Harry Potter Reread- Prisoner Of Azkaban 16 & 17

Okay so everyone pat me on the back for going the extra mile and taking this photo of one of the book illustrations my damn self. I was going to use the illustration of Sirius Black, but this one is just so much more dynamic in a lot of ways, and I’m totally loving some of the weird details, so I decided that since I couldn’t find it I would just do it myself.

First off, as on the episode itself, I would like to deeply thank everyone who donated to the GoFundMe for the trip. If you’ve donated and haven’t gotten your link to the bonus Harry Potter movie podcasts, get in touch ASAP and I will send it to you. Thank you so much to everyone for making this trip possible, because I assure you that we would never have been able to go if not for all of you. I hope you all enjoy your bonus episodes, and I will also try to repay you by taking way too many photos and videos and spamming all your feeds with them, so get ready. If you haven’t donated already and would like to, go to www.gofundme.com/unspoiledhpworld!

So on with the show! This episode, RoShawn and I reread the chapters where Harry & Co. go to visit Hagrid before Buckbeak’s execution, and there they discover Scabbers hiding in a jug. This leads to all of the nonsense that lands our crew in the Shrieking Shack with a murdering psychopath (Scabbers) and then a conversation in which nobody communicates like regular human beings. Oh and before all this, Harry hears Professor Trelawny make what he believes at this point to be the first real prediction ever.

Hope you all enjoy the show, and we will see you again after our trip!


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