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The Leftovers, S03E5- It’s A Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

The Leftovers, S03E05- It’s A Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

It seems like with The Leftovers, I’m destined to get a POV of a person that I actually like only about every other episode, if I’m lucky. Which I’m not offering as a criticism, don’t get me wrong! Some of the most interesting stuff in any show comes from characters we don’t really like. But Matt is kind of a special case.

What kills me about Matt is that I think he’s almost able to be good person. Very nearly, if it weren’t for his superstitions and dogma and moral superiority. But he can’t see past all this ridiculous symbolism and “meaning” and imagined importance that he has assigned himself, and he clings to it so desperately that it makes him outright hostile to anyone like Laurie. I mean, he can barely stay civil with John and Michael either, and they’re kind of on his side.

I’m not sure what to think about where Matt is by the end of this episode, and I have totally mixed feelings no matter what the outcome. I want him to wake up and realize how shitty he’s been, and I would like to think that’s what happened via his conversation with “God”, but I’m worried it’s only resulted in a complete breakdown of faith on his part and that’s no fun either. I don’t want that kind of shit, he can have faith and believe what he wants, but I just want him to be conscious about it, and I don’t know if that will happen.

I hope you all have been enjoying the show, and I will see you soon with the next episode of The Dark Tower! 


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