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Penny Dreadful, S03E02- Predators Far And Near

Penny Dreadful, S03E02- Predators Far And Near

Happy Monday, listeners! We had to delay recording this episode until this past weekend, so there was a long gap between this one and the episode previous, but the next one will be following shortly.

This episode was…wow. I mean, you all know just what I’m going to say my favorite part was, right? Because of course it’s Dorian and Lily murdering a bunch of horrifying sadistic¬†old perverts and rescuing a victim of human trafficking. She’s definitely got some spirit left to fight when the find her, since she spits in the face of the man who is about to literally rip her into pieces, so I think that Lily has found a true kindred spirit here. What a catharsis to see them all get wiped off the face of the earth.

Meanwhile back in America, Ethan is waiting for his change to come upon him so that he can escape his captors, while Rusk and the U.S. Marshall are in hot pursuit. It seems like almost everyone in the show is trying to get Ethan in one way or another; first his father, then the cops, the witch who is following him, and of course Malcolm and Kaetenay. I’m sure that even Vanessa would be, if she could.

And lastly, there’s the first demonstration of the power of Jekyll’s serum. Dr. Frankenstein seems to think that this serum has the power to bestow a personality on Lily that she’s never had, because he simply won’t admit to himself that everything he experienced with her is a lie. He can’t face it. Well, Doctor, lets see you even try to sink a needle into Lily, because something tells me that’s not going to go well for you.

Oh and BTW…Dr. Sweet is Dracula.

Thank you so much for listening, everyone, and I will see you tomorrow!

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