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The Kite Runner

Kite Runner

Hey there, listeners. There was a little bit of a sound discrepancy this episode, due in part to recording via YouTube for the first time ever, so it took longer than usual for me to edit it and get it up. I tried to make Krista louder because she turned out way softer than me, and I hope I have improved it enough to make listening easier.

This was just a hell of a book. It’s the kind of story that changes you, especially if you’re an American who grew up with almost no awareness of the Middle East at all until 9/11. There is so much background here, and it’s not dry political hypotheticals. This is a living, breathing, deeply colored personal tale about someone who is struggling with demons that almost make the war-torn backdrop of his home country secondary in the grand scheme. He is someone who is trying to be good again.
I started this book with a great deal of trepidation, knowing its reputation for tragedy and heartbreak, and I was astonished at how quickly I grew engrossed. The voice of this character is so honest, so riddled with guilt and shame and apology and fear, that it’s difficult to read at times. But he drops in just enough love and hope and beauty that you continue on, because those moments almost make everything else worth enduring. And is there any more apt analogy for life than that?

I hope you enjoy listening, and I will see you next month with the the UNspoiled! Book Club covering Dune.

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