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Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 6

Twin Peaks- The Return, Part 6

Hey there, Patrons! I’m really late on this one, but thankfully that’s not because of a hold-up in recording, which means that I am still able to watch the next episode right on schedule. *beams*

So this season of Twin Peaks has been dancing around a problem since Part 1 that I didn’t really want to address because honestly, I was just hoping it would go away. But in this episode it went even farther than the others and sort of crystallized everything that I was feeling weird about. This show has a women-character problem. They’re either being objectified and naked for no reason, shrewish and intolerable and screaming at a male character we kind of like, or they’re props to be murdered or terrorized. I’m starting to get tired of it.

I am interested in this season and the storylines we’re getting into, but I’m worried that things are just going to continue on in this vein and I’m not going to be able to get past it after a while. You know what I mean, that sometimes you see something problematic and then it gets in your head and it starts to be all you see?

Anyway, plenty of other stuff happens this episode too, but just had to vent here. Thanks for being a Patron, and I will see you soon with another episode!

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