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Twin Peaks, S02E11- Masked Ball

Oh man, let’s hope that this episode represents a brief downturn/departure from the main plots that we actually care about, because there is so much nonsense in here that it’s hard to know where to begin.
First of all, there is the utterly irrelevant (so far, at least) Nadine subplot that I simply cannot figure out. What am I supposed to feel about this? Am I supposed to care? Because first impressions really last, and the first time we met Nadine she was presented as an impossible bitch of a woman that couldn’t even put up her own curtains. Then the writers attempted to make her sympathetic by suddenly making her love Ed, and having her attempt suicide, which is pretty cheap to begin with. But not as cheap as sticking her with a child’s mind! Having her back in high school, obsessing about a boy and tossing people around during a cheerleading try-out is…well, frankly I don’t know what it is. 
And then there’s another irrelevant subplot added on top of that one! To the surprise of no one, it involves James and his trek to nowhere. I’m not sure what his goals are here, because it seems like he pretty much plans to ride his motorcycle until he doesn’t feel guilty about Maddy anymore, but guess what buddy…as soon as you stop feeling guilty about Maddy, you’re going to start feeling guilty about Donna because you just left her in the woods alone with a killer on the loose. So.
But there’s at least one thread that I find really interesting, and it’s– you guessed it– about Major Briggs. He’s been taken by someone or something, and his wife doesn’t even seem too surprised by it. It had never even occurred to me that his classified work involving weird stuff had anything to do with the weird stuff here in town, but that’s a pretty interesting development that I like a lot. Very interested to see what happens there.
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