Undeclared: Band of Brothers – Episode 2 “Day of Days” & Chapter 5

Undeclared BoB – 3 Day of Days

It’s D-Day, and Easy Company’s jump into Normandy is a giant mess. Planes crash, pilots speed up while flying too low, and the soldiers land often in the completely wrong place. However, they’re so well trained – they studied the sand tables! – that they manage to get to where they’re supposed to be (many of them, anyway) and manage to pull off a textbook assault on a fixed position against some German guns keeping the guys out in the water from reaching the beaches.
It’s all really exciting.

2 thoughts on “Undeclared: Band of Brothers – Episode 2 “Day of Days” & Chapter 5

  1. Band of Brothers is a brilliant and moving mini-series. I have just discovered this podcast and am enjoying your discussions and looking forward to going through the rest of the episodes along with you.

    I was listening while out walking and came across a small memorial plaque that I had never taken notice of before. In part due to the subject matter of the podcast, I decided to take the time to read and reflect on the plaque.

    It transpired that it was a memorial for 4 USAAF airmen killed when their C47 “Lilly Bell II” crashed nearby in 1944.¬† The description mentions that the deceased had all been involved in dropping paratroops on D-day and Market Garden.

    I wanted to comment to praise this podcast for not only reflecting on the TV series, but also remembering the sacrifice of the real people who experienced these events.


    1. Thank you so much for this! I had never heard about this incident, and immediately googled it (which led me to the page you linked the picture from). I will be sure to mention both in our next episode. Also, thank you for your kind words, and I hope you continue to enjoy our coverage of this show. – Jaime

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