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UNscrupled! Alias: S01E10&11 Spirit/The Confession


Bitches was right and Money has had enough with all the lies. Yes, Jack has not been honest with Sydney about her mother, but, well, this is Alias, and if these spies had something close to actual healthy relationships with anyone in their lives, there wouldn’t really be a show to watch.

But neither of our gay cohosts are feelings these episodes. Hasan is just . . . filler. He’s not even an appetizer, because those are usually fried and tasty and you can dip them in ranch dressing or marinara sauce. He’s the plot equivalent of a banana Now & Later.

We do get some nice family moments, where Syd and Jack work together and realize how much they mean to one another. Even though jack is a ruthless bastard who sets up an innocent man to be tortured to death in place of Sydney. Bye, Russick, we never got to really know you.

The queens are NOT having this week’s looks, either, so that’s why we put Marshal wearing the sunglasses in the banner. But Betelgeuse hat is a line that we will use quite often. Also, “Legally Bland”.

Will does some stuff, too. Francie only exists to shoot some side-eye. But Sydney’s mom was a KGB assassin. This family puts the fun in dysfunctional.

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