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UNscrupled!: Alias- S01E20&21 “The Solution/Rendezvous”


Holy shit, listeners! It’s getting real up in here!

Francie is afraid of rats. Boy they need to give her something to do.

Will gets back in the game after being told by mysterious voice man that Jack was the one who kidnapped him and holy crap did I just type those words together? What even is this show.?

Oh god . . . Sydney’s culturally appropriative costume. Can we not? Not even Drew Barrymore would put that monstrosity in Charlie’s Angels.

The rundown is this- the CIA makes a play to track Kasinaeu by offering up a second vial of Rambaldi fluid (eww) on the black market, and it’s Sark who bites. Meanwhile, SD6 manages to track down Sark and show up at the “buy”- and shit goes sideways, fast. Sark gets captured by SD6 and Sydney nearly gets caught in blackface by her black partner. Awkward.

Sloane’s plan is to flip Sark, which it looks like he’s up for, but Jack and a Methed-up will show up at the lounge where Sydney is undercover, and we get the greatest scream in television history. Poor Will has to be smuggled back into the States into a CIA safehouse, but not before he gives his notes to a friend at the paper, telling her to publish if he goes missing.

Mocha and Vivica are really starting to warm up to Sydney’s fashion choices- you can’t go wrong with a corset.

Come have a listen.

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