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UNscrupled!: Alias S01E2&3- So It Begins/Parity


Hello listeners! In these episodes of Alias, Sydney is back on the job, and she’s finally learned how to dress properly; even the queens approve. Dixon has a really horrible poker face, he needs to get back on his game. There’s a nuclear weapon scavenger hunt that amounts to fuck-all, Vaughn mansplains spywork to Sydney and GINA TORRES IS HERE WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE???????

The show is starting to find it’s footing, though it’s slowly broadening out. Digging up cold-war era nuclear warheads, dealing with Sudanese warlords and Middle Eastern arms dealers, not to mention balancing the demands of badguy Sloane and also giving Vaughn a career boost even though he’s been nothing but a jerk so far. Everything changes, though, when suddenly SD-6 seems to care much more about a 600-year old scavenger hunt than nuclear arms proliferation (and profit). So does Anna Espinoza, which we both have a crush on, now and forever.

Will is getting suspicious of Danny’s death, and perhaps his ghost is a little less sad since there’s exactly one person on earth who gives a crap, even if that person doesn’t own a hairbrush and makes out with his widow.

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