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UNspoiled! Book Club- Dune


Patrons! I’m so behind that I’m releasing this episode on iTunes at the same time, so if you’re not a huge fan of the Patreon Mp3 player, you can find this on your other podcast provider apps too. I apologize for being so late, but my internet has been incredibly unreliable for the past few weeks due to our cable company making some upgrades. I’m going to catch up before my vacation, though, I promise!

This episode was really fun to record, despite the fact that I didn’t love the book. Dune is one of those novels that is often cited as a cornerstone of the SciFi genre, and so it has a certain importance that can’t be ignored. At the same time, it’s a product of an era that didn’t have the same priorities in terms of representation, and there are a lot of problematic elements to it that irritated me. Also, SciFi has come a long way since this book was published, and while this book was groundbreaking at the time, now a lot of it has been done to death and doesn’t hold the same appeal. It’s the same issue that shoes like Alias have, where there’s a history that deserves respect but the product is not holding up so well.

Liz read this book when she was ten years old and was obsessed with the entire world of Dune after that, so she’s a perfect co-host in that respect. I’m not a fan of podcasts in which both hosts seem to hold the exact same opinion, although sometimes that is just not avoidable. But this difference in opinion made for a really good conversation and hopefully a fun listen. Enjoy!

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